Unique romantic brand that sells itself
Creating emotional connection with clients, increasing number of repeated sales
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Founded in 1988
Over 32 years of successful work, the brand has won a large number of loyal customers; they are romantic women who value quality, exclusivity, interesting design solutions and comfort.
By creating emotional connection with clients, similar to watching a movie or enjoying a piece of art
High Margin
Women who prefer not to shock, but to charm. We have bright collections, but the basis is delicate, pastel-watercolor things. Having fallen in love with enchanting details once, our clients stay with us forever.

Romantic themed clothing for women
Our sales team is running 11 franchise stores, where we invest a lot of efforts in finding the best ways to present our collections. And this is all possible to adapt in your store.
100% support in sales — based on many years of experience
Production is constantly provided with the necessary supplies of materials from Italy, France and other countries, which allows to maintain in-time delivery at any time and in every situation.
100 000 + items produced a year in our own production factory
Not just clothing, but special atmosphere of romantic place in which the sales should be higher. We think about the product and how it should be presented in the shop front, and inside a shop or a corner.
Shop concept is as important for us as the product itself
We support your sales, just like it was our shop
More than just a clothing brand, but rather sales support team
You get education for your sellers
Marketing and shop concept
Less headache, more joy from selling our Brand
24/7 Support
Every themed collection is created along with a concept of shop front, merchendising and marketing design.
Shop fronts are prepared for every collection
Very noticeable shop front attracts more visitors
It's a great way to stand out in the shopping center
Tested on 100+ shops to increase brand awareness
Color and texture based merchendising
Immersive design of shop/corner interior, lighting, color-based arrangement, everything is according to the luxury retail standards. Clothing is like piece of art.

Collections are created, with world trends are being studied, while being adapted and used in semitone. Customers fall in love with their clothes, which gives emotions and beauty.
Again, not only product, but special well-tested atmosphere — our key point of attraction and sales
Every 6 months
Marketing of Alexander Bogdanov
Photos and videos for ads and social media
One idea to use in all means of communicationg
Professional photoshoots and videoshots
Studying the best ads campaigns every day
Ads convey the same atmosphere as shop concept
Translated to any requested language
Work together with you to choose the best means
One message in all the points of contact
Offline and Online ads
Including audio clips, banners and much mic more
We professionally create our product, marketing and shop concept for 170 partners so far. This lets our retail clients to feel a special atmosphere while enjoying our themed collections. They tend to try the clothes on and this significantly increase conversion rates to a purchase, falling in love with the brand. Product, marketing and atmosphere in shop are our brand heart.
You are not just a buyer, but a partner in the big family
Alexander Bogdnaov / Founder and Chief Designer Officer
And we will call you with all the details about our sales in stores, average CR, STR, ROI, TO etc.
Get more sales data
Just give us a call or send an email and we will get you an offer you won't reject
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